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Selected Links
to some particularly useful web sites
that you may not have run across yet, and some
favorite vendors

Outstanding websites

Alan's Lab
Alan Yates presents interesting, creative and fun topics and projects dealing with electronics, firmware, optics, physics, math, pyrotechnics and a lot more. Its faster for you to check it out yourself than to read this!

Elecgtronic Lives Inc  
This is a wonderful electronics projects website created and maintained by an engineer in Ageo city in Japan, who goes by the pen name of "ChaN". Lots of interesting projects. This person is creative and well and prolific. Check it out - some proejcts and notes about AVC controllers among many other things.

Another prolific Japanese electronics hobbyist. This site conatins a lot of projects related to ham radio. Most are pretty small projects, though there are a few pretty large ones as well. There are also some pretty good tutorials. The handmade drawings and schematics make this site charming as well as educational. This is one of my personal favorite sites.
Harry's Homebrew Homepag e
Harry's Homebrew
A lot of great RF and related projects and articles from Harry Lythall, SM0PO/G4VVY

Sanjiv Dutta's LED Based Handycam Light Project
Sanjiv made a video camera light that uses 20 LEDs. Aside from some inventiveness in the design, Sanjiv showed uncommon resourcefulness and manual skill in remaking common materials into his creation.


Electronic Source  
Web-accessible electronics distributor in Thailand. You can pay by many methods, including by ATM and get the parts via EMS in a day or two. Very good prices, especially compared to the distributors I've used in the U.S. I have used them several times and am very happy with the service and the materials. I believe they will ship internationally and accept payment by credit card.

LED's -white, IR, varous colors. Quality parts, good prices, prompt delivery. Recomended by Denis Duncan, and I tried them and liked the service and parts too.

Lots of microntroller-related parts, kits, and material. AVR and Pic. Many web links related to microcontrollers. 
Don donated some boards to me and I am grateful to him.


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